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Tour Duration - 1 Hour 30 mins

The Belfast Murals Tour gives an insight into our history. Ireland had been in a perpetual state of conflict for thousands of years, both internally and against forces from outside our island. Most recently ‘The Troubles’ took place from the late 60’s and was ended with the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

Conflict, though to a much lesser extent still exists in Northern Ireland, and on your Belfast Murals Tour we’ll take you around our city and tell you our story.

We explain the significance of Prince William of Orange, who became King William III and fought against King James II in the Battle of the Boyne.

We’ll take you around infamous areas of Belfast where conflict took place, and you’ll gain an understanding of The Troubles narrative, from both the Catholic / Republican and Protestant / Loyalist points of view.

We take you to locations of cultural and historic significance, including Bombay Street, where many say a catalyst was struck for our 30 year conflict.

Learn about Loyalist and Republican paramilitary organisations and how they defended their communities, then you’ll learn the story of the many peace walls, meaning that you’ll come away from your tour with a better understanding of Irish and British history.

Your tour will stop at each location and allow lots of time to take photos so you can take home a piece of Belfast.

Your Belfast Murals Tour will end at the International Wall which is one of our most popular tourist locations, before you are returned to your pick-up point.

1 – 2 People = £70
3 People = £90
4 People = £110
5 People = £130
6 People = £150
7 People = £170

Book Your Belfast Murals Tour

See the key locations of some of the most infamous events from the troubles in Belfast and the surrounding areas. Perfect for a staycation! 

For groups larger than 6 people, please contact.

We spent a lovely 1.5 hours with Tom in his black cab while he took us around Belfast and explained in detail ( too much to recall all) about the past of the political situation that occurred in Belfast. The experience and detail of this tour was outstanding. We forgot a jacket in his black taxi and he delivered it back the next day to our hotel. Good man Tom and thanks.

Joanne Gallant

Murals Tour

The complex history of Belfast and the experience of living through the Troubles. Really enjoyed the “peace wall” and wall art. Loved Belfast Castle.

Janeen Cunningham

City Sightseeing Tour

Our group of 6 had a wonderful private Causeway tour with John. He adjusted the itinerary based on what we wanted, and regaled us with legends and knowledge about the area and locations we visited. Our children (age 7-12) didn’t love the driving, but said it was worth it to see the Dark Hedges, Dunluce Castle, and the Giant’s Causeway. We were also very pleased with the pub John took us to for lunch. Five Stars all around!

Leann Bringer and Family

Causeway Tour

Our guide Tommy did a wonderful job in trying to explain a complicated period of Irish history in a balanced way. He clearly stated the facts and when it was an opinion or a ‘wondering’. The tour is sobering for visitors but well worthwhile in doing. Thoroughly recommend it!

Maureen Bromage

Murals Tour

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